Christian Devotions


Focus verses: Genesis: 45:25 – 46:4

The Lord delivered Israel to Egypt to preserve him during the famine. But the promise is that Israel will grow strong there and then be led out again. Egypt, for the moment, is the promised land. Israel will have food, fields and flocks in Egypt. Israel is a sojourner, not a resident.

The Lord has led Israel to safety in Egypt. But Egypt doesn’t stay a place of safety. After a time, Egypt becomes a place of slavery for Israel.

We can enjoy a place of safety, too. But only for a time. What seems safe at first can become a place of slavery, if we’re not careful. We can become slaves to habit and narrow thinking. We can be so held captive by security that we refuse to step out in faith and take the risks that God asks us to take.

We need to be aware that the only safety we have is in the presence of the Lord. When we begin to equate safety with anything else, we are misled.

Father, God,

Help us to understand that Your presence is our security. Our disobedience is our risk. And Your face is the only road map we need.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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