Christian Devotions

All in Order

Focus verses: Numbers 3:21-39

Our God is a god of order. When He spoke on the first day of creation, what had been chaos and desolation became an orderly progression of light and darkness, sea and sky, land and plants, creatures and man.

The Israelites were nomads. They packed and moved, unpacked and camped, then packed and moved again. But God set the Levites to the tasks of the Tent of Meeting. He designated who was to do what and when, and where they were to stay.

So the family of Merari camped on the north side of the Tent of Meeting after they had set up the framework.

The family of Gershom put up the tent and coverings, and then retired to their own tents on the west side.

Then the family of Kahath installed the furnishing before retiring to the south side of the Tent of Meeting.

So it is with God’s order in our families and our churches. When one person know his job or place and fulfills that post, he waits for the remainder of the church or family to fulfill their posts as well.

Each person in the body of Christ has a unique position. No other person can fill that position. Nor can that person fulfill any other position but his own.

When we all remember this, our families and churches can be in God’s order. If we forget this principle, we have relegated ourselves to chaos once again.

Father, God,

Give us the wisdom to know our unique function in the body of Christ. And grant us the grace to allow other to function in their unique positions as well.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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