Christian Devotions

Focus verses: Numbers 20:2-13

Water in the desert is a reasonable request. Moses and Aaron took this request to the Lord and received instructions for bringing water from the rock. So far, so good.

But Moses was vexed with the people and rebuked them. In doing so, he forgot that he was merely God’s instrument and his words, in effect, usurped God’s glory unto himself. Forgetting that God is the source of all benefit is dangerous.

God’s words to Moses show just how dangerous. Moses and Aaron will not enter the promised land because they didn’t honor the Lord in the presence of the people. In fact, Moses’ words would insinuate that Moses is performing the miracle of water from the rock.

There is a cautionary tale for us in this passage. We live in an age where the airwaves are full of preachers, teachers and spiritual mentors. Most are sincere. Some are misinformed. Some are charlatans. (We’ve been warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing.) How do you tell which is which?

Easily! Where does the emphasis lie? On the speaker? Or on the Lord? Unless the teacher-preacher-mentor is always pointing toward God, you follow at your peril.

Test the teaching against scripture and keep your eyes on the Lord. It is written that the enemy will, in the last days, lure away even the elect if they’re not careful.

Father, God,

Help us to remember that You are the source of all good. Let us not forget our total dependence on You. Keep our eyes firmly fixed on You only.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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