Christian Devotions

A Checkered Relationship

Focus verses: Judges 3:5-11

Today’s reading is an abysmal picture of the faithlessness of the nation of Israel. It seems that they cannot be faithful to God at all. And the don’t seek Him, just His redeeming hand.

Time and again we read that they are turned aside to the worship of other gods, and they don’t turn back to the Lord until they have been oppressed to desperation. Then they seek Him for deliverance. But they go right back to their faithless ways. Somehow the older generation seems unable to impress upon the younger generation the importance of seeking the Lord at all times and in all circumstances. Shame on them!

Shame on us! We have failed to teach our younger generations what they need to know of the Lord. We have watered down the word of God til it’s just a “feel good” religion. We haven’t taught them about the majesty, might and righteousness of God. We seem to have forgotten that He requires being first in our hearts at all times.

So we see generations that have no grounding in the absolutes of God. We hear the cop-out, “well, it might be right for you, but it’s not right for me.” Balderdash!!

Right is right and wrong is wrong. There can no more be two different kinds of right action in a given circumstance than there are two kinds of straight line. Either a line is straight or it isn’t. Either an action is right or it isn’t. Circumstances make no difference.

But the only way we know this is to seek God’s face and heart, not His mighty hand for when we have an emergency.

Father, God,

Keep us on track to seek Your face and Your will in all things. Help us not to be distracted by the cacophony of voices around us crying for tolerance or understanding or leniency. Create in us a hunger for You and You alone.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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