Christian Devotions


Focus verses: Judges 21:25

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.

We have just read about the civil war in which the tribe of Benjamin was nearly wiped out due to moral depravity. Depravity happens when people do what they please rather than what it right.

Our society today is full of people who do what is right in their own eyes. But it isn’t right in God’s sight. We have failed to educate our children; and we have failed to keep the faith ourselves.

We allow all of the vices of this world to usurp the place God should have in our lives. And we wonder why things seem to be going so wrong.

Greed and avarice run rampant. Self-esteem building and instant gratification have become our watchwords. Immoral behavior is condoned as alternate lifestyle. We murder in the name of expediency. But everyone is doing what is right in their own sight.

There is a better way. Seek first the kingdom of God.

Father, God,

In this age of unbelief and infidelity, turn our hearts back towards You. Keep us from losing focus on what is right in Your eyes. Teach us the absolutes of right and wrong.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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