Christian Devotions

The Witch of Endor

Focus verses: 1 Samuel 28:3-25

Saul’s visit to the witch at Endor was the last straw in his fall from God’s grace. He had progressed from anointed, to arrogant, to disobedient, to envious, to cruel, to fearful, to divination.

But notice that the first step on that slippery slope was arrogance. He got puffed up with himself. He forgot that God was sovereign, that he held the crown of Israel only at God’s pleasure.

He forgot that the primary duty of the child of God is obedience. He second-guessed God at several turns. Then when God stopped speaking to him, he forced the witch to conjure up Samuel.

The witch reminded the men who came to her that Saul himself had forbidden witchcraft and conjuring of spirits. But it was Saul, himself, who was seated before her, asking her to break his own laws. The witch was not the cause of Saul’s fall. She was merely the last symptom of his depravity.

We do well to watch ourselves. When you are faithful to God, sometimes the world begins to praise you. If you believe the praise of the world and forget that God is the prime mover for all that you do well, you are in danger of starting down that same path Saul took.

Father, God,

Save us from arrogance and pride. Teach us humility and obedience to Your will and Your words. Tune our ears to hear you so that we are not tempted to seek information from other, less reliable sources.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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