Christian Devotions

The last twelve days have been quite full. I came back from the writers’ retreat totally jazzed. My adrenaline was up, and I had been given the necessary kick-start to go full steam ahead with projects that I’ve had on the drawing boards for quite some time.

One proposal off to an editor by 4/27/09 — and two more ideas just popped up to enhance that one. Working on a proposal to have out by mid-month. That one’s a little trickier.

Meantime, I’ve been doing research for one of the three historical novels I’ve had rattling around in my brain since my mother did some family tree climbing twenty-five or thirty years ago.

I’ve undertaken another editing project. And decided this was the time to update my websites.

If you have a spare prayer, I’d appreciate your remembering me. I’ll need all of God’s help I can get.


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