Christian Devotions

Our All-Knowing God

Focus verses: Psalm 139

Among the psalms, this is one of my favorites. God is intimately acquainted with us. He knows us, warts and all. And He still loves us.

Nothing we do is hidden from the Lord. He knows what we think before we say it. He has made provision for our every circumstance before we get to that circumstance.

The most important section of this psalm for me, however, is verses 13-16. God created the essence of who I am. He was familiar with every cell and atom of my body as it was growing in utero. And He cared about me even then — when I was merely “a blob of tissue.”

He knows my future. He knew my last breath before I took the first one. He is in charge of my ending, just as he was in charge of my beginning.

A friend and I talked about this. She said it was arrogance for a couple to think that they decided on having children. The child is conceived when God calls the child by name to “come forth.”

Think of it. Hear the majesty of it. “Insert your own name here, come forth!” You have been called of God, called into existence, called for a purpose. Have you found His purpose for which you were called?

Father, God,

Search us and know our hearts. Speak to our spirits the call You have on our lives. Direct us in your paths and show us Your ways, that we may walk in them.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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