Christian Devotions

Exultant Joy

Focus verses: Psalm 47

It is fitting that the last day of psalms includes this beautiful paean of praise to the Lord. When we consider all the attributes of our God, this psalm enumerates most of them.

It calls Him awesome, great, sovereign, holy, exalted, ruler of kings.

If we think about it, He is awesome in His might and power. Nothing can stand before Him or against Him. But as great as His power is, He chooses to be involved in our lives.

His fondest wish is to have a personal relationship with us. He created Adam for just such a purpose. He and Adam walked and talked together in the garden in the cool of the evening. Adam’s sin – and Eve’s – put a barrier between God and man.

God was not content to move out and be a distant observer of our lives. He sent His son, Jesus, to be the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins. To die in our place, so that we could be reunited with God through faith in Jesus.

This is the reason we shout with joy, the reason we clap our hands and sing His praises. He is our hope and our salvation. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Father, God,

Thank You for caring about us, for being so involved in our lives that You made a way of reconciliation between You and us. Help us to keep Your praises ever on our lips.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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