Christian Devotions

A Firm Foundation

Focus verses: I Kings 8:54-61

“Not one word has failed” Solomon’s benediction on the people of Israel tells us what we can rely upon, have relied upon, will continue to rely upon. The word of the Lord is the firm foundation on which any of our hopes and aspirations can safely be built.

Without that foundation, all our hopes and dreams are just so much smoke on the breeze. But with this foundation, we can build the most wonderful castles, not in the air, but on the ground.

Anything we can think of is within our grasp, if we stop and apply the word of the Lord. When we want to do something, we should stop and ask “Is this consistent with the teachings of the Lord?”
If it is, we can safely proceed. If not, we need to stop and move on to another project.

Not one word has failed of the promises He made to Israel. Not one word will fail of the remainder of His promises to us. We can safely build on the firm foundation of God’s Word.

Father, God,

Your faithfulness to us in all generations has overwhelmed us. Keep us faithful to You in the same way You are faithful to Your word.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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