Christian Devotions

The Promised One

Focus verses: Micah 5:1-5

These verses tell us of the coming Messiah. It is one of a number of foreshadowings of Christ in the Old Testament.

In this prophesy, Israel has been abandoned until such time as the birth of this Ruler. Israel was under the thumb of Rome at the time of Christ’s birth. Roman troops occupied the land. The priestly authorities had to go to the Roman ruler of the land to verify whether they could function or not. Israel was merely a geographical designation for a portion of the Roman Empire.

“He will stand and shepherd his flock.” A shepherd was a nomad. He traveled the area with his flock, moving from one pasture to the next. Sheep have a split lip and can get their teeth even with the ground, cutting the blades of grass next to the roots. When sheep have grazed in a pasture, it needs time to regrow before it can be used again.

The Lord moved with His disciples, from one city to another in the land. At each location He taught or did something different from the last time. Then He moved on, leaving the people to assimilate what He had done or said. Or the people followed Him to the next place where He taught something more.

“He will be their peace.” Sheep follow their shepherd in confidence because they know he will never lead them in dangerous places.

He is our peace in all circumstances, if we have put Him at the center of our lives. He will never lead us astray. We can rest securely in Him.

Father, God,

Reinforce in us the desire to follow the Good Shepherd. Help us to keep our eyes on Him and the narrow path He leads us.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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