Christian Devotions


Focus verses: Ezekiel 43:6-11

We have just read, in Ezekiel 40:1 through Ezekiel 43:5, what amounts to a blueprint for the rebuilding of the temple of Solomon. God has given the vision to Ezekiel with the same precision and similar specifications as he gave the original specifications to the children of Israel in Moses’ day.

God promises that in this new temple, He will live with the children of Israel forever. Is it any wonder, then, that Israel should want the old site of the temple to be theirs for rebuilding?

The political ramifications of this promise are as alive today as they were in Ezekiel’s time. The exposed wall of the temple mount – sometimes called the western wall or the wailing wall – is still a place where today’s Jews gather to mourn the lost temple.

But there is this promise from God that He will inhabit that place when the temple is rebuilt. And that it will stand forever. Current opinions about the physical wall in Jerusalem vary according to the religious roots of the person giving the opinion.

There is, however, another temple. This one not made by hands, but by God Himself. That temple is the body of the believer. And there is a specific blueprint for the construction of this temple as well.

Ezekiel was told to write the plans for the children of Israel to follow. We have written plans for the temple of the Holy Spirit today. The first set of blue prints came down from the mountain with Moses. And the second set was given by Jesus Himself.

These blueprints define the believer and his behavior toward God and the rest of the world. How do we measure up?

Father, God,

Help us to keep the specifics of Your plans for our lives in mind. Teach us every day how to grow closer and closer to You, reflecting more and more of You into the world around us.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

Comments on: "Blueprints" (2)

  1. Thanks for reminding us that Mark 12:29 should be our daily blueprint for living.


  2. You are most welcome. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to remember.


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