Christian Devotions

Visions And Dreams

Focus verses: Daniel 7

Daniel’s dreams and visions in this passage have to do with the end of times. As such, they can be compared with the book of Revelation which also has to do with the end of time.

These visions are enigmatic. People have tried to interpret them in light of the nations that exist now. But I think that is probably a futile effort. God is bigger than man. His meanings are beyond us unless He reveals something directly.

One point of interest in this passage is Daniel’s description of the Ancient of Days. The caricature of God looking like an old man might have some of its roots in this passage.

Daniel was a faithful servant of the Lord (even though he served many years in the halls of several evil kings). It is to His faithful servants that God reveals the arcane and unknown.

From the description of the dream, it seems that there are four kingdoms involved, not simultaneously but in sequence. The times of these nations will be a time of hardship and oppression of the people. But the fourth kingdom to arise will be stripped of its power, not by the might of another kingdom, but by the hand of God. At that time, God will bring about a just world where He will be universally worshiped and obeyed.

This ultimate outcome should bring enormous comfort to all who are undergoing hardship of any kind. God is ultimately the conqueror. He is the eternal Sovereign. He is the Ancient of Days.

Father, God,

Help us to see that our times are temporary. Keep us aware that whatever the circumstance, this, too, shall pass. Grant us the wisdom to know that only You are eternal and never changing.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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