Christian Devotions

Census And Records

Focus verses: Nehemiah 11:1-2

Today’s reading, which includes all of Nehemiah 7 and well as Nehemiah 11, is full of enumerations. God has, from time to time in the scriptures, had those who were scribing for him write down what seem to be interminable lists.

But those lists are important. They tell the history of the peoples. They document who was in whose lineage. While God doesn’t judge you on who or what your parents were, He wants you to remember whence you came. You came from Him through your ancestors.

When the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt, there were too few people living in the city to maintain it. So they asked the people of all the surrounding cities to send one in every ten to live in Jerusalem. (Hmm, one tenth – sounds like a tithe to me.)

The family records were especially important for those in the priestly line. Without proof of their lineage, they could not perform the duties of the priest in the temple.

God keeps records. He records the names of all who have believed on the Lord, Jesus Christ. Those names are written in the book of life. I am assuming your name is there, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

Wouldn’t today be a good day to invite someone to believe?

Father, God,

Help us to remain open and sensitive to every opportunity to share the Good News. Let us be winsome in helping to draw all people unto You.

In Jesus most precious name.

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  1. Everyday is a great day to invite others to the LORD.GOD BLESS, andrea


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