Christian Devotions

Focus verses: John 1:1-18

The Book of John begins with Genesis – in the beginning – and establishes the presence of the Son of God in that moment when time began.

Much of what we know of Jesus is corralled in these eighteen verses of scripture.

He is one with God. (v. 1,2)

He is the Creator. (v. 3)

He is life and truth. (v. 4)

He is our salvation. (v.12)

It is mind-boggling to think that the Creator of the Universe would humble Himself and take on the limitations of our flesh in order to identify with us and become the propitiation for our sins. But that is exactly what He did.

Jesus is the Messiah. He is not the Messiah the Jews were expecting. He did not come with a rod and scepter. He is not a valiant general. He is mild and humble. That is not to say that He cannot exemplify righteous wrath and give us a glimpse of the wrath of God. Witness His turning the money changers out of the temple.

Looking at this beginning, I can hardly wait to get into the New Testament readings. This is the nugget of gold in the mountain.

Father, God,

Let us never forget Your benevolence toward us. Keep us ever mindful of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And grant that we may understand the unity of the triune Godhead.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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