Christian Devotions

The Sighted See Not

Focus verses: John 9:1-41

In the 1970’s I was part of a Bible study group that met on Thursday evenings. One of the participants was an older lady (in her seventies – the age I am now) who gave me a rule for studying the Bible in the form of a little verse.

If the ordinary sense
Makes good sense,
Seek no other sense
Or it’s nonsense.

Now that doesn’t mean that there is never a deeper meaning to what you are reading in the scriptures. What it does mean is that you are to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you can understand at the moment.

As you read and study, He will reveal deeper and deeper meanings to you. But if you go off trying to find other meanings in the scripture, you are apt to be led astray by your own opinions. It is God’s words you want, not your own thoughts.

In today’s scripture we read of the healing of the man who was born blind. And when Jesus talks about blindness and sight in this passage, we know He is not talking about physical eyes. He is talking about recognition of the truth.

The people asked Him why the man was born blind. They wanted to lay blame for the cause of the man’s blindness. But Jesus told them that the man was born blind that the work of God might be shown in his life. Sometimes things happen that God’s power might be displayed, that God’s love might be demonstrated. God is never surprised by this. It was part of His plan from the beginning.

Look at the response of the man when questioned by authorities. He simply related facts. Jesus put mud on his eyes; he washed as he was told to do; and he can see. As they question him further he adds another truth. “Jesus speaks for God.”

But the Pharisees were not satisfied with his answer. They questioned his parents. Then they sent for the man again to have him recant his statement that Jesus was a prophet. But he didn’t recant. He argued with them this time.

His argument was purely logical:

God does not listen to sinners but to righteous men. No man has opened the eyes of one born blind. If this man were not from God, He could not do this.

And for his troubles he was thrown out of the synagogue. But Jesus sought him out to show him the Son of Man. And the formerly blind man saw Him.

But the Pharisees would not see Him for what He was because He didn’t fit their preconceived notions of what the Son of Man would be and do. They thought He would look and act like they did. For them the identity of the Son of Man was tied up in the laws of Moses and the arguments of the rabbis.

Jesus came to bring a law of love that exceeded the laws of Moses. The Pharisees could not or would not see beyond the letter of the law.

There is a difference between religiosity and Christianity. This passage shows it vividly.

Father, God,

Open our eyes that we may see Your love as the pattern for our lives, not the rules and regulations of a man-made hierarchy. Fix our eyes upon Your Son as our example as well as our Savior. Grant us hearts that love as You love.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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