Christian Devotions


Focus verses: Romans 1:18-32

There is an agenda in this society to shame Christians with their “intolerance” for immorality. Some things in the Word of God are not debatable.

  1. You are to love God.
  2. You are to love your neighbor.
  3. Jesus is the only way to salvation.
  4. You are to tell the truth at all time.
  5. You are to spread the good new of Jesus.

Here we have the proscription against homosexuality. But not only in this passage, we find it in the Old Testaamenlt as well. I really prefer the King James translation of this verse.

But we live in a society which wants us to be quiet. Christians are all right as long as they stay cloistered in their churches and don’t make waves for the rest of the world.

Political correctness insists that we not only turn a blind eye to this sin, but we are to support all its perversions. There are laws that could make it illegal for a preacher to read this passage in church. And Heaven forfend that we should speak of this sin as a sin.

This is the kind of convoluted thinking that leads a criminal to sue his victim for injuries he sustained on the victim’s property during the commission of his crime.

We need not describe sin in detail. There is that in every man that knows right and wrong. We need to be definite about not compromising the principles of moral behavior.

God has no patience with sin. He exacted a price for our sins.

Our only defense is to recognize that price and honor the One Who Paid by conducting ourselves as He would have us behave and not tolerating legislated misconduct.

Father, God,

Give us the boldness to speak Your truth at all times. Help us to be courageous enough to call wrong “wrong” even when it is dangerous to do so.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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