Christian Devotions

Set Apart

Focus verses: I Peter 2:1-12

In every group of people there is someone who always swings to the ultimate arc of the pendulum. Peter was that person among the disciples. He was the one who answered Jesus’ question “who do you say that I am” correctly. And Jesus called in blessed in that revelation. But just a few verses later, when Jesus tells the disciples of his coming death, Peter is the one who says “never, Lord.” And Jesus says “get behind me, Satan.”

Again when Jesus washes the disciples feet, Peter first says no, then not only my feet but my face and hands as well.

It is strange that such a volatile personality, from one extreme to the other, should become a patriarch of steady resolution, recommending self-control the the scattered churches. Peter has grown wiser and more stable.

We are indeed a peculiar people, we Christians.

We have a different hope from the rest of the world. We have the hope of heaven and God’s glory. Our lives are to be testament to that glory. We are to be the examples to the pagan. Ouch!

When we look at our lives, do we see the shining example that Peter describes here? Or are we sort of tarnished mirrors, reflecting God only dimly?

Let us examine our lives in light of His Advent.

Father, God,

Help us to see what You would have us do and be obedient to that vision. Grant that we may polish our dim mirrors so that You are reflected more clearly in our lives.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

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