Christian Devotions

Disaster And Stubbornness

Focus verses: Revelations 8:7-9:21

The seven trumpets in this passage herald demonstrations of the wrath of God against evil. As you read these seven demonstrations, you will be reminded of the demonstrations of God’s power against Pharoah when Moses was called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Look at the fifth trumpet. A star fell from the sky and opened the gateway to the Abyss (in other words, Hell). From the abyss rose billows of smoke containing locusts who were given the authority to torment people — but only those people who did not bear the seal of the Lord. Clearly this is a demonstration of God’s power against the wicked. And still the wicked people did not repent.

We live in an unrepentant society. It used to be that when people sinned against the laws of God there was some shame involved. But our culture decided to make man the measure of all things. And that shame has been transformed into a pride that glorifies the desires of the individual as primary in importance.

We seem to have placed ourselves on the throne to be worshiped and glorified. Man as the measure of all things is the worst form of idolatry. It places man as higher than God. It vaunts the atheists and humanists who claim that God was created by man, not the other way round.

But there is that small corner in every soul that knows the truth. Man has rationalized it into submission in many cases, but it is there, nevertheless. Even the enemy knows that Jesus is God. And while he growls about it, he still trembles at the name of Jesus.

What kind of stubbornness makes us not recognize the truth when it conflicts with our basest desires? And what kind of disaster will it take to make us recognize that man cannot be the measure of all things?

Father, God,

Open our eyes and our minds to see Your truth whatever form it takes. Soften our hearts to Your word and strengthen our wills to Your service.

In Jesus’ most precious name.


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