Christian Devotions

For Such A Time As This

Focus verses: Esther 2:19-20

Esther is an interesting study. We think of her as a kind of savior of her people because of her position in the palace. But let’s look a little further into who she is.

First, she is an orphan, having neither father nor mother. Her guardian is her father’s nephew, her cousin, who seems to be substantially older than she. Several times, the book refers to her obedience to Mordecai.

In obedience to Mordecai, she is taken to the palace. In obedience to Mordecai, she says nothing about her background or her people.

She seems to have a submissive spirit because she takes with her to her interview with the king only those things suggested by Hegai, the eunuch in charge of the kings harem. She won the favor of every one who saw her.

The nub of this story, however, is in chapter four. When Esther learns of the plot against her people, she is keenly aware of the price she would have to pay for approaching the king without being summoned.

Mordecai reminds her that her life is forfeit in any case, but that salvation will arise from the Lord for His people. He asks her to consider that she may have been placed in the king’s palace for just this purpose.

Esther asks Mordecai to have the people fast and pray for her for three days and nights, and she and her maids will do likewise. Then she will approach the king. We all know the rest of the story. While the king’s decree could not be changed, there was another decree that allowed the Jews to defend themselves.

So what does this mean to us? First was Esther’s obedient spirit. She obeyed Mordecai without reservation. She didn’t know why she was sent to the king’s palace. She had no idea whether or why she would be chosen to succeed Vashti.

But God knew. He knows the end before the beginning. Our obedience to Him is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. No matter the trials and tribulations that come to us (and we have Jesus’ word that they will come), He is still in charge. That fact give us the confidence to walk through whatever life can hand us.

Father, God,

Keep us ever obedient to You and Your purposes in our lives. Remind us that You know the outcome of every trial before it begins. Help us to rely on You alone.

In Jesus’ most precious name.

Comments on: "For Such A Time As This" (2)

  1. I just re-read/listened to the book of Esther on Daily Audio Bible this week. It is one of my favorite accounts in the Old Testament. I plan to add a link to your blog from my own His Whisperings blog.


  2. Loved the thought of Esther's obedience and submissive spirit. Had not seen that angle. I love to get a new thought from Scripture. Trying to think of the unusual is what makes a devotion memorable. Blessings


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