Christian Devotions

Focus verses: Genesis 16: 1 – 5.

Does God really need our help?

When God promises something, we are foolish and impatient to try to hasten its fulfillment.

Look what happens to Abram and Sarai. Sarai knew about God’s promise of a son. But she convinced herself and her husband that God was too slow and needed their help.

How many time do we do this? We hear a call of God upon our lives, and we start off well. But when things seem to be moving too slowly we decide we know how to help God make things work faster.

God knows hearts. We just know appearances. God has reasons for His time line we know nothing of. Sarai’s proposition seems to make sense from a human standpoint. But she doesn’t figure on the human emotions Hagar’s pregnancy can stir up in both women. And even in Abram.

You see, God has His own plans and doesn’t need our help to bring them to fruition.

What he does require is our patience and faith.

We need to draw closer to Him to bring our will into line with His, to reinforce our faith in His steadfast love, and to strengthen our patience to wait upon His timing.

Father, God,

Help us to understand that Your will for us is perfect, that Your timing is perfect, and that all we need to do is wait upon You.

In Jesus’ most precious name,

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