Christian Devotions


I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me. ~~ Psalm 57:2 (KJV)

Sometimes we take God for granted. We know He is there. We know He loves us. But we forget His awesome power and might. We disregard the fact that nothing, not even the littlest thing, escapes His notice and attention.

We can believe that He is concerned about the state of our nation and the condition of our hearts. But are we aware that He is also concerned about our stubbed toe, our hangnail, and our most fleeting vile thought?

There are more than seven billion – yes, billion with a “b” – people on this planet. That’s a 7 with nine zeroes behind it. And our God is intimately concerned about each and every one of them, their hearts, their lives, their hangnails. Every hair on each of those heads is numbered – counted one by one. (Matthew 10:30, Luke 12:7) I cannot begin to count to seven billion, nor to count the hairs on even my own head, much less everyone else’s.

But God can.

Not only that, but He is concerned about our lives on a global scope. He sees the migrations of people trying to escape totalitarianism. He sees nations and factions at war with one another and cares about those conflicts. He is even concerned with our politics – local and national.

It is impossible for me to wrap my finite little mind around the capacities and abilities and thoughts of our Infinite God. There are no boundaries for Him. No degrees of separation and importance.

With one hand, He can sweep the seas aside and bring forth dry land. He can speak and the oceans will rage or become serene. He whispers in our ears and, if we are listening and obedient, our lives can change forever. Tenderly, He reaches forth and dries our tears.

All knowing, all powerful, always there, He is truly awesome — AWESOME!

Father, God,

Help us to put ourselves into perspective with our ever expanding knowledge of who and what You are. Grant us the vision to begin to see glimpses of Your power and might, Your tenderness and love. Give us the ability to share You with those around us, helping us to see them as You see them.

In Jesus’ most precious name.



Comments on: "Awesome!" (2)

  1. This post is a great reminder of God’s loving concern for His own. He is awesome in more ways than we can list and the list of the thanks we owe Him. Share on!


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